Quitting Smoking Cigarettes: Why It’s Difficult

Quitting Smoking Cigarettes: Why It’s Difficult
If you are a smoker who has tried and failed to quit, you know how difficult it is to just quit. If you are not a smoker but have loved ones who do, believe me, it is difficult to just quit. This article is intended for the smoker. In it, I am going to explain why quitting is difficult and tell you an easy way to eliminate cigarettes from your life without trying to quit.
You didn’t always smoke

Think about the time before you start smoking. Wow, that was a long, long time ago, right? If you are like most smokers trying to quit, you have smoked for more than 20 years and started before age 18. Some people even start much earlier! You probably don’t remember a time when you didn’t smoke due to many years and over 100,000 cigarettes.
Oh! More than 100,000 cigarettes smoked?
Yes! The average cigarette smoker uses a pack of 20 cigarettes per day. That is around 600 cigarettes per month and around 7,200 cigarettes per year. So after 20 years, it’s about 144,000 cigarettes! That is a lot of smoke. Of course, if you’ve smoked for more than 20 years, it’s even longer.
So it is easy to see why the smoker simply cannot recall a time when he did not smoke. Of course, another big reason the smoker doesn’t remember is the seriously unpleasant nature of the process of learning to smoke. You see, learning to smoke was the most difficult and miserable task you ever undertook in your young life! Smoking was something you had to learn to do. She didn’t just pick up a cigarette and start smoking. It took me a while with perseverance and enduring great misery to learn to smoke.
What were you learning?
You were learning to suppress your body’s normal protective reactions to hot, polluted smoke entering your delicate lungs. Lungs designed for clean air only. You were learning to control your body with your mind!

The body’s protective reaction to cigarette smoke

Cigarette smoke is a hot, caustic chemical pollution. If it gets in your eyes, it makes them burn and water. It can cause itchy skin in very sensitive people. If you inhale E cigarette the hot smoke, it makes you cough, gag, and gasp for breath. This is the body’s way of telling you that smoking a cigarette is not really a good thing. This reaction is what happens to the smoker when being with the first series of cigarettes. But the person really, really wants to smoke, so persist. Over and over again, they are subjected to harsh cigarette smoke. As they do so, something begins to happen. The coughing and gasping begins to fade until finally, they can smoke a whole cigarette without the body’s defense mechanism kicking in. How is this possible? They have focused their POWER OF WILL to interfere with the body’s defense mechanism. In other words:

You can smoke because you want to do it yourself

As a smoker, you use an incredible force of WILL POWER that stops your body’s normal defense responses to hot, polluted smoke entering your delicate lungs. It is the powerful MIND on Matter that allows you to smoke! Over time, you, as a smoker, have used your MIND to suppress your body’s protective mechanisms. With his POWER OF WILL he has created a system that shuts down his built-in protection and allows himself to harm himself every time he smokes a cigarette. You do it because you want to; YOU WILL DO IT! Have you destroyed your body’s protection mechanism? No, it is still there. You just selectively turn it off for cigarettes. This example will illustrate:

You are a smoker, but what happens when you have been around a smoky fire of any kind? Maybe your fireplace if you forget to open the fireplace. He lights his cozy fire, but with the flue closed, the smoke quickly fills the room. What happens? Her eyes begin to burn and water, she begins to cough and gasp to breathe immediately until the source of the irritant, the smoke, is removed. Even without the smoke, it will take a while for you to fully recover. This is the normal response of the body’s defense mechanism. It will happen to you even if you smoke for several years.
However, you can smoke a cigarette without those reactions. It is still smoke and you are intentionally putting it into your lungs. The only difference is that you selectively turn off your body’s protective reaction to allow yourself to smoke a cigarette with your POWER OF WILL. Did you realize that you had such a strong mind?